Optimizing Talent: What Every Leader and Manager Needs to Know to Sustain the Ultimate Workforce
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How to compete and win in today's
business environment

Real-life business experience, actionable advice and fact-based evidence—that's
what sets Optimizing Talent apart from every other book on talent management.

Summarizing research conducted within more than four hundred Fortune 1000
companies, the authors:


Provide an integrated Talent Optimization FrameworkTM and Survey for
diagnosing talent optimization gaps
Demonstrate which actions drive integration and optimize talent
Show the improved results achieved by organizations that excel at each
level in the Framework


Topics include the importance of engaged leaders and a supportive culture, a
detailed operating system that creates the foundation for high-performance talent,
and the ability to measure meaningful results. In addition, each chapter includes
case studies and a checklist so readers can easily implement similar programs
and ideas at their own organization.

Optimizing Talent is a practical call-to-action for all levels of business leaders,
managers, talent practitioners and scholars, and will help you think strategically
about creating a talent-rich organization.